Our products span across multiple applications. Starting from the variety of heat exchanger coils that we have continuously served our customers.

We also began our assembling of larger HVACR units to better suit the needs of the market. As we continue to improve our services to our customers, we have partnered up with Kingspan Insulated Panel in order to create a channel for Thai customers to have a choice of using a globally recognized brand of insulated panels.

Recently, we have launched our own, Arii, a smart solution which monitors and controls electronics and machines.


This is the area we are very proud of. We have the capabilities and resources to create and manufacture almost every kind of coils you can think of. Moreover, our engineering teams have succeeded in many difficult challenges in customizing coils for extreme conditions and unique circumstances. For example; coils for cargo ships and for oil rigs.

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CIG aims to give our customers control over the air environment that they are in. This became the reason we also offer whole HVAC/R units for our customers. Our products are mostly larger HVAC/R units that would not be in a typical household, but larger places such as buildings, factories, etc. What we offer ranges from refrigeration units to air handling units and air purifier.

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Buildings are what shelter us from all the different climates and extremities of the world. It is especially important in this era where weather and climates are unpredictable and can be a danger to all of us. We believe that in order to better protect ourselves and our loved ones and to better control the air environment inside, we need to strengthen the shields and armors. This results in our partnership with Kingspan Insulated Panels, one of the best manufacturers of insulated roof and wall worldwide. They create insulated buildings that have basically no weather leakage, steady and strong integrity, and also are resistant against fire.

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Smart Solutions

Presently, there are many efficient tools to analyze data for you; business intelligence, machine learning, etc. This has elevated the significance of data gathering to a whole new level.

This is where Arii comes in.

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